Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sandy Hook Hoax - powerful evidence of photoshopped composites

No crime is so perfect as to leave no trace.

No photoshop composite fake can be so perfect it cannot be detected.

There is no reason to photoshop-compose any picture from an "Accident / Natural Disaster / Tragedy" except when it is a false flag-inside job with psyops objectives.

We will be updating this article as more evidence (in prep) are sent to us. Stay tuned.

Remember the famous photo of the children being led by police out of school after the shooting. They were told to close their eyes.

After some detailed photo analyses by several parties, it is confirmed the said photo is a photo-composite of 2 shots (CL1 & CL2). Obvious that the children were not streaming out of the school but gathered in the car park for a photo-shoot. With exactly the same the cars parking arrangement, both photos were either taken on the same day or as in another false flag, (Boston Marathon Bombing) the same cars were arranged in exactly the same parked sequence in every rehearsal. — in Sandy Hook, CT, United States.

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