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Was the Oct 7 quake off SC the missing nuke planned for Charleston?

BK Lim, FASEI et al (20131014)
This is explosive. There has been persistent rumours that some catastrophic false flag event like this was going to happen.

Personnel who had sworn to secrecy are putting their lives on the line to save thousands if not millions of innocent US civilians.

How and why?
Morality is doing what is right, regardless of what you are told.
Blind Obedience is doing what you are told, regardless of what is right.
Like tens of ROV operators involved in the BPGOD (BP Gulf Oil Disaster) recovery efforts, OR thousands of soldiers caught up in the battle fields of the Iraqi war and War on Terror, these silent heroes have a tough time battling between good and evil, morality and blind obedience, to kill or be killed.

Keeping silence will only buy them some time. Eventually, all those with the inside secrets of these planned mega disasters (PMD or premeditated mass murders) will be silenced quietly behind the scene. Many however, are coming forward with inside information in many subtle ways. We too, can't divulge our sources but with God's help in God's name, we can show the logic, separate the facts from the fraction (distorted facts as opposed to total fiction) and illustrate the truth with publicly available information.

These silent heroes need to be rescued too. Wider public pressure is needed to press for more transparency, truthfulness and accountability. If wider public support for Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and the many silent heroes, are not forth coming, eventually the inside leaks will be plugged and the Zionist-controlled PTB will move on to the next phase of their New World Order which is a nicer term for their real global ambition; the Zionist-controlled One Oil World Empire (ZOOWE).

If you can't tell, you can still show.

First please read these excellent articles by Peter Eyre.

On 14 Oct 2013, we finally published what we had feared for a long time. It had occurred to us that “07” (as in 007 Bond movies) was one of their magic numbers. Piper Alpha occurred on the night of 07/06/1988 (6 July) as did the London Bombing on the morning of 07/07/2005 (converts to 070707). They planned to get rid of the old dame (33 year-old Marianas) in a BP-style Blowout-Oil-Spill (BOS) in Ghana in July, 2011. This was in concert with all the other planned mega oil spills in the Bohai Bay (China), Nigeria, Canada and Brazil. Again it was Divine Intervention that foiled the 2011 world series of oil spills.

Most clearly visible was the accident which rendered the Transocean Marianas inoperable on 07/07/11. The Ghanian authority (as did the Chinese and Brazilian govts) acted decisively and punitively on the errant oil giants. Now compare the action of the US regulators on BP when almost the same damage happened to the Marianas at the Macondo well on 11/9/2009 (9 Nov), 3 years ago. If the US regulators with their more stringent offshore regulations, have acted half as decisively as the Ghanian counterparts, BPGOD would not have happened. It is unbelievable that BP had so much help from the US govt to get rid of US aging citizens (or useless eaters as they are labelled). Slow genocide has the advantages of milking off the wealth of these aging masses through expensive medication and health care. Another Agenda21 mass transfer of wealth technique.

The Ghanian example shows that offshore accidents can be nipped in the bud before they snowball into a mega oil spill like BPGOD or the Australian's version; Montara Oil Spill (MontOS). Needless to say, mega oil disasters like BPGOD, MontOS, Piper Alpha and Exxon Valdez could not have happened without the greased cooperation and subservience of govt regulatory bodies. There are just too many “control floodgates” for the mega-oil floods to spin out of control.

A BP-style BOS in the Straits of Malacca (SOMOS) in July 2008, would have been the perfect “Oil Storm” with oil prices sky-rocketing above $140/bbl before dropping like a stone to $70+ levels. This is another of our favourite example where one small step for morality beats thousands of giant steps in blind obedience. The QC onboard the Fugro geohazards survey vessel in April 2008 could have followed thousands in the industry in blind obedience and bathe his life in luxuries, courtesy of OMAR. Because of his whistle-blowing, the 2008 SOMOS-Global Financial Meltdown went out of schedule and out of plot. It was financially disastrous for the cabal-banksters financing the 2008 SOMOS-Global Financial Meltdown. For the first time in the century, they lost a lot more marbles than anticipated.
911 could similarly turn out to be a financial disaster for the Zionist-Banksters (financial backers for Project 911) if only the governing authorities had taken heeds over the night janitors' report of suspicious night activities for more than 3 months, prior to the 911 event.

Morality and Truth can and will cut the under belly of the gigantic tyrannical monsters, where it hurts the most. Ask not what the tyrannical oil-greased government can do to oppress you further but what you can do with your last ounce of morality and conscience to erode their power base. Their corrupt power comes from the "small people" (Carl-Henric Svanberg, Chairman of BP) and the small people can eliminate their power completely if not blinded by obedience.

Why choose Charleston?

We do not think the planned nuke at Charleston (disguised as a quake) is the final option yet. But it is the harbinger of what is yet to come. They would not choose their final option of mega tsunami-quake-meteor strike until everything necessary for the Armageddon, is in place. That is why we must never allow them to fear porn the oil futures market to frenzy heights like in the pre-2008 oil crash. The lower the oil price, the less incentive for them to blow all out. Oil becomes a less effective economic-control weapon below $50/bbl.

They would not risk their final trump card unless total victory is assured or unless it is the END for them. Before coming to this critical juncture, all PMD would need to have escape hatches in the event of failures. Their mantra is always “live another day to destroy” and to keep their “golden goose” alive and secret. Adding layers upon layers of faction (like onion rings) allow them to “hide” the whole truth and keep us disarrayed and guessing.

Charleston had the most devastating quake (1886) on records with smaller quake occurrences in recent times. With a high density population, a naval base and direct access by sea, Charleston was the perfect candidate for this inland underwater nuclear PMD. There were other factors which we will not go into.

To protect those involved, we shall not speculate beyond the visible signs God had given us. We can choose to ignore Divine Guidance (like Hurricane Ida knocking off Transocean Marianas on 9/11) and suffer the long term consequence of another nuke in the Atlantic or take decisive actions like Ghana did on 07/07/11 to nip a BP-style mega oil spill disaster in the bud.
The choice is for free Americans to make. The country and future generations are at stake. Free America will have to fall first before the ZOOWE takes on the rest of the world, country by country. No one will escape their clutches. Soldiers who had done their dirty deeds will be disposed off, once they outlive their usefulness. That is the way of the Devil. Expect no gratitude.

So what are the Divine Guidance signs?

Notice the perfect right angle triangle formed by the 3 points; Charleston, 1007 Nuke point (20131007 quake epicentre) and 611-quake (short for the natural quake epicentre of 20010611). The last 3 digits read 611, the inverted image of 911. Magnitude was of course M3.3. How could it be anything else?

The distance to 1007 Nuke point from Charleston is 333 nautical miles, in the direction 117o. Since 1990 (available seismic activity data from USCG before the shut down), there was no recorded seismic activity within the 225 n.mi radius of 1007 Nuke point. The latitude of 611-quake was 30.226o. Close enough to the 225 n.mi distance (rounded up dist) from 1007 Nuke point to the nearest and most recent quake on 2007, Dec 27 M4.6.

Distance (n. mi) and heading
Charleston (target)

333 to 1007 Nuke hdg 117o
20010611 quake
295 to 1007 Nuke hdg 90o
20131007 Nuke

20071227 quake
225 to 1007 Nuke hdg 313o
20010911 TwinTowers

633 to 1007 Nuke hdg 181o

In other words, you can bet there will not be a natural quake epicentre in this geologically stable section of the North American plate. Notice also that 611-quake lies on a regional seabed escarpment known as the Florida-Hatteras Slope. If any natural quake were to occur, it would have been along this escarpment, canyon or the steeper continental shelf; not at 1007 Nuke point.

From a geological perspective, there is little evidence to support a natural occurring quake at 1007 Nuke point. Plus the evidence given by Peter Eyre, the conclusion would be a nuke detonation on 20131007, rather than a natural quake.

The amazing time machine – accurate within a minute

But why would anyone want to waste an expensive weapon of mass destruction in the middle of nowhere? Why spend millions for no apparent profit? The rumour that Charleston was the intended false flag target make more sense, now that it is confirmed from various angles (pun intended) 1007 Nuke was not a natural quake.

The nuke was timed to detonate at 58 minutes past the hour or 01:58 UTC. Why such oddly precise time of 58 minutes past the hour as another PMD, the 2004 boxing day mega tsunami-quake off Sumatra? The 2004 boxing day tsunami-quake was also perfectly timed to the Great Kanto quake in Japan in 1923. In all probability, the 2004 Tsunami-quake and 1007 Nuke were copycat MIHOPs; meant to capitalise on the mega devastation of a naturally occurring quake. They had not invented PMD yet in 1923.

There are 2 more suspicious man-made (induced) quakes that occurred precisely at 26 minutes past the hour on 26 Dec. The 2003 Iran-Bam and 2006 South Taiwan quakes. The former had political and military objectives. The 2006 Taiwan quake was intended to be another mega tsunami to swamp and damn the South-east Asian tiger economies where much of the toxic derivatives bonds had been exported to. It failed. Lehmen Brothers which stood to benefit from such a disastrous mega tsunami, went turtle-up instead.

Blunders with pre-scripted plots at 18:57 CDT

The original pre-disaster blow-out time on the DWH was scheduled for 18:45 CDT with the initial CTC briefing / notification at 18:57 CDT (receipt of DSC alert). Obviously, due to unavoidable delays, the blow-out schedule was postponed to 21:45 CDT (3 hours later). All their covert agents in the BPGOD plot were of course informed and updated. But they left out the prepared USCG 

Transcript for the SAR (search and rescue) operations which had been planted into the file system earlier. Obviously, when the disaster broke and reporters rushed for details, the “uninformed” officers reading off the “out-dated” transcript were caught off-guard. Who wouldn't? So what happened to the promised investigation of the “initial explosion” 3 hours before the actual blow-out? This of course, does not fit into the “caught by surprise crisis-acting” in the first 30 minutes of the disaster at the DWH bridge. “But who cares” …. the famous words by one of BP's executives. “It is over and done with”. Government cover-up as usual.

UPDATE DWH -Oil-rig-crew-reported-explosion-3-hours before fireUPDATE: Oil rig crew reported explosion 3 hours before fire 
ASSOCIATED PRESS: Published 12:00am, Thursday, April 22, 2010
A crew member from an oil platform that sank off the Louisiana coast Thursday reported an initial explosion three hours before the rig went up in flames in a second, larger explosion, the Coast Guard said. 

Coast Guard Senior Chief Petty Officer Mike O'Berry told The Associated Press that according to their internal reports, the first blast was reported at 7 p.m. CDT Tuesday. Three hours later, the rig sent an emergency signal that's "like a panic button," he said. At the same time, a nearby rig called to report the Deepwater Horizon was engulfed in flames, O'Berry said. The rig did not ask for help during the initial call, but the Coast Guard sent crews after the emergency signal came.

It is significant to note that the crew on DWH failed to activate the Emergency Disconnect Sequence on the critical fail-safe BOP at 21:57, less than a minute from the 21:58 EST time of the nuke detonation. This further confirmed earlier suspicions that all PMDs were planned several years ahead of their “detonation”. With so many PMD being continuously hatched all the time, there must be some common master blueprints and orderly-wealthy organisations to fund these PMD projects.

It would have been disastrous for the covert operation crew to get the time of detonation wrong. This happened to the USS San Francisco which had its hull blown from inside-out during its black-ops in the 2004 boxing day Sumatra Tsunami-quake. There must have been some confusion on the detonation time.

Both the 20031226 BAM and 20061226 Taiwan detonation time were set to 26 minutes past the hour. The 20041226 Sumatra Tsunami-quake was the exception at 58 minutes past the hour. The confusion nearly sank and killed all the 137 crew.

Obviously, all the different covert parties had to know when to clear the danger zone prior to the remote controlled detonation. Unlike, legitimate demolition operation, there can be no public announcement, warnings or fire-off countdown like in the NASA rocket blast-offs.

If you watch the ROV videos at http://Oilspillhub.org the first few show the deliberate demolition of the marine riser at 10:22 CDT 22 April 2010; the time DWH was supposed to have sank to the seafloor (as reported by both liars, USCG and BP to Congress). Except that subsequent leaked photo-evidence confirmed DWH did not sink at least 7 hours later.

In order for the hydraulic power to lift off the 40-odd tons BOP stack, the marine riser needed to be kinked at the top of LMRP to block and harness the powerful initial surge of crude from the Macondo reservoir. That was why they had to carry out the apparently “meaningless bending of the marine riser” exercise. Nothing to do with controlling the free-flow of crude in the 3rd illegal well. On the contrary, exacerbating an already stable gas blow-out. In the video, you can see that the ROVs instinctively moved away from the BOP less than a minute before the predetermined demolition time.

Mother Nature (at more than 4 billion years old) is just too old for that kind of precise-to-the-minute timing. Who else except control freaks with world-wide CIA-style network could have that kind of control capability. No secret can be kept totally confidential for years without spoiling the plot. No mistakes/confusion can be tolerated with regard to the precise time of detonation. Thus, a method is needed to convey the precise and unambiguous information and yet remain confidential and concise. 

The answer is a simple coded reference to past disasters.

The 2006 Taiwan quake could be referenced as “my 3rd son born on boxing day in Taiwan 3 years after my eldest in Bam, Iran”. The years, months and hours can be changed according to circumstance without messing the time of detonation. The “3 hours too early distress alert” from DWH is one of the many proofs of PMD and their modus operandi. Time zones are also useful conversion factors.
For example the 2003 Marriot Hotel bombing in Jakarta happened at 11:58am (UTC+7) on 5 Aug 2003. American Airline flight 11 left Boston's airport at 7:59am (UTC-4). The coded email message could be as simple as “flight AA11 departing Boston at 7:59, ETA Jakarta UTC+7, check in hotel Marriot”. The rest of the details can be accessed at Wikipedia from any internet cafe. The best kept secrets are always open to public.

Using the 19230901 Kanto quake and 20041226 Sumatra quake example, the time difference of 2 hours is the same time zone difference. The chances of 2 powerful quakes occurring at precisely the same time (accurate to the minute) more than 80 years apart must be astronomical. But if the 20041226 nuclear detonation was pegged to the 1923 Kanto quake, then it is no miraculous act of God but a devious murderous plot carried out in the name of the false Cabal's GOD.

Although we had published the timing connection of PMD for the last 3 years, there remains still much scepticism. God cannot help those who don't help themselves. Take the case of Ghana. They immediately imposed Force Majeure on the evil Transocean to save their country. The US, on the other hand, bent backwards to accommodate BP, an incorrigible safety violator. Despite the visible warnings on Alex Jones, Hollywood movie “Knowing 2009” and Jeff Rense, no one took notice and be bothered until the SHTF. By then it was too late. Cry baby Cry, when the Oil has already been spilled.

It is not a question of IF but when.

There will be another repeat of 9/11 and BPGOD false flags, only more powerful and more devastating. But still the apathy remains. Except for the few activists and concerned citizens, the majority of Americans are still sitting on their butts playing “musical chairs”, while the USS Titanic sinks.

Americans are given a second chance. The last time, even a Hurricane damaging the Marianas's leg on a day that spells 9/11, was not impressive enough to move butts. Can people can be so dense to ignore the obvious?

The easiest method of moving a location is by shifting the lat and lon geographical coordinates via right angles. Having worked with coordinates around the world, 99% of right angle triangulations are intentional, not accidental mistakes or natural.

If the original intended nuke location was Charleston, an accidental mistake in the coordinates of the location would have put the detonation anywhere but the present location of 1007 Nuke point. If it was a natural occurrence, the quake would have preferentially happened anywhere along lines of weaknesses as 611-quake did in 2001 along the Florida-Hatteras Slope or along the steep continental shelf and canyons.

So if 611-quake was your typical natural occurrence, then 1007-Nuke must be the opposite, unnatural occurrence. What is more miraculous than the 2 points on the opposite ends of a right-angle triangle with exactly the same latitude? It was a good thing God had the foresight to trigger a harmless quake (611) in June of 2001, exactly south of Charleston when the GOD(Greedy for Oil Devils) Bush-Cheney gang were busily putting in the final touches of Psyops 911, 3 months before.

Now we have a perfect right angle triangle, so what?

Not only is the distance from Charleston to the 1007 Nuke point 333 n.mi (½ of 666), the bearing from Charleston is 117o. Note that 666 n.mi would have put the 1007 Nuke point among the 2002-2007 quake epicentres and thus negate the argument of a nuke from a geological perspective. It is interesting to note that 1007 Nuke Point lies on the -74.25o (which adds up to 9) meridian and the 911-Twin Towers location is 11 n.mi east of it. The combination of course spells 911.

Did God deliberately shift the false flag nuke from the shallow water of Charleston harbour to deep waters over 4,000 m (12,000ft)? Nukes do not make much waves in deep waters without the aid of special tsunami-generating devices. A nuke within the 7-20m deep Charleston's harbour bay is something else. It would have generated an potent mega tsunami; killing thousands instantly without warning. The radioactive flood waters would kill millions more, over the years which is precisely the sinister objective of Agenda21. A successful Charleston false flag could be the foundation blueprint for future environmental terrorism-genocides.

Let's face it. A mega tsunami-generated by a nuke is 1000s of times more effective than any war-killing machine or weapon of mass destruction. They had been experimenting with such weapons of mass destruction since the 1940s. But we should not bask in glory that the 1007 Nuke PMD failed. Even a failed PMD would provide the OMAR with valuable feedbacks to get it right the next time. Even a partially successful Charleston false flag would have given the “Obama war hawks” the perfect excuse to attack Syria and Iran in retaliation. It would have been 2001 deja vu again.

Such a pity many failed to see the miracles performed right before our eyes.

Failure to act in the face of such overwhelming evidence, is yet another cowardice failure to save ourselves and future generations. There is no one to save US except ourselves. There are 7 billions of us against their probably 1 million lot (with at least 50% dying of old age). The time to act swiftly and decisively is now; like Ghana did on 07/07/11. Failure to Act, will push a weakening ruling elite to their final acts of desperation and that would be not pretty at all. See our warnings here:

Failure to act on God's Divine Guidance.

There is no need to resort to violence on provocation by the tyrannical ruling elite. Know the truth and choose to oppose oppression in every manner within your means. Let Godliness and Morality be your guiding light, not Blind Obedience (BO) to a tyrannical Commander-in-thief.

There is an old story preachers tell about a man trapped on the top of his house during a flood or hurricane or tsunami. The water is swiftly rising. As this man sits on his roof, fearful of being swept away by the current, he cries out to God, “God please deliver me.”
A few moments later, a farmer friend arrives with his boat. “Hey, friend, want a ride to safety?” he asks.
No,” replies the man on top of his house. “God is going to deliver me.”
An hour later, the water is up to the gutters. A voluntary rescue person comes by on his yellow raft. “Hey, let’s get you off of there—and on to safety,” he yells.
But the man on top of his house refuses to go. “God is going to deliver me.”
Another hour passes and now the water is halfway up the roof. Roof Man is now on top of his chimney, nervously looking down at certain death and destruction.
Fortunately, a Red Cross volunteer swings by in a canoe and offers to ride Roof Man to safety. But Roof Man refuses. “No, God is going to deliver me.”
A couple of hours pass by and the water sweeps over the top of Roof Man’s house. He is carried away by the current and drowns. When he gets to Heaven, he meets Jesus and says, “I though you were going to deliver me.”
Jesus looks down at Roof Man and says, “I sent a boat, an inflatable raft, and a canoe—but you refused each one.”
We’ve all heard this story and every time we hear it, we laugh, right? But quite often this is the story of our attempts to discern God’s will.
But quite often those well-meaning college students or teenagers or even young married folks act as if God’s will is some sort of vague, hazy thing. A vapor that can’t be grasped. It’s almost as if they want God’s Will, but don’t every think they’ll have a shot at actually finding it.
It really doesn’t have to be this way. Here are two truths that should change the way we think about God’s will.
It is Satan who wants us to be confused, directionless, and ineffective. But it is God who has a preordained plan for us, who has given us specific steps, and who wants to see our lives matter.

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  1. The message is in the location of the quake ...oops!....the dumped nuke itself. It is in the middle of a very stable geological block. It is so conspicuous as to show the quake cannot be there. Without plotting out the epicentres of previous quakes, it would have been hard to tell. Our team had been painstakingly keeping records of quakes since we knew one day it would become handy. Another reason for the USCG website SHUTDOWN to prevent the public from accessing previous data for comparison.