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UPDATED: The Adrianne Haslet-Davis Fraud in Pictures

Boston Bombing — 18 May 2013
Updated with additional photos and commentary, updated, again, May 22, 2013

The Adrianne Haslet-Davis Fraud in Pictures
In the enduring drama of the Boston bombing hoax the identity of the individual known as Adrianne Haslet-Davis is a kind of CIA-like psy-ops creation. Pictures really are worth a thousand words, and, thus, at least initially, rather than quote what are largely lies the pictures surely the photographs alone could e relied upon to demonstrate the truthfulness or lack thereof of Haslet-Davis’ claims.

It is, nevertheless, clear that she was not where she said she was on that day, that is milling around at the Marathon near or at the Forum restaurant. There are no photos of any kind which place her at the scene.
For now, the pictures with brief commentary.
Notice something right away? What is her boyfriend doing secreted away behind that wall? Where is his right leg? News reports have him as having two legs, one of which was severely injured in the incident. It is known that such injuries are a lie, thus is even the existence of his severely injured leg a fabrication? There are other pictures, which show him having a wounded leg in the hospital bed. Because of the Photoshopping now detected in this case, all photos will be analyzed and others will be posted, shortly. Even so, the image of the person behind is not sufficiently clear to know who he is:
There is no evidence of a leg of any kind in this view. He is using a walker–and it is not because of any injuries sustained at the smoke bombing site. Is this man also an amputee actor? (It is not being ruled out that his leg is off-screen and that he has two legs; however, the combination from the lack of its presence plus the walker indicates that the possibility that he simply doesn’t have a right leg). Plus, the pant leg appears to be flat.

Regardless, he appears to be attempting a disguise. Did he want to watch Haslet-Davis in action so badly that he slipped up, accidentally exposing himself? Is he nothing more than yet another amputee or double amputee actor?

Here is the picture in the same room (note the flowers in the back in both scenes) of both of them in hospital beds, three apparent unamputated legs showing clearly:
 He’s wearing a similar blue shirt, but the shorts are not visible. Who are the four men in the red shirts? Their res
hasletdavleg See any shrapnel wounds? Moreover, what is that patch of red on that ‘leg’. And what about the three lines? Brush strokes? What happened to his shorts? What’s the purpose of the diaper dressing? Nothing is even remotely oozing? This is a phony. He has no such injuries, as described by the Zionist-controlled media. There is no such radial line in human anatomy. Could these legs be merely silicon/Teflon sleeves? With that demarcation and the alteration of color from the stumps these appear to be silicon/Teflon sleeves; in other words, he is likely an amputee. It all just seems so bizarre. At a minimum it can be said that the gore is fake:
That’s paint, not a wound: a perfectly square bloody lesion? Blood but no oozing? No lacerations, indentations, cut/opened skin; it’s a make up act. Clearly the other three dark-colored regions are brush strokes. Someone came in with the moulage kit before the camera shoot. Yet, what is that line that can be seen radiating around the upper thigh?
Here is a another photo showing what appears to be a real left leg:
Too lovey-dovey for a pair of bomb-blast victims? Moreover, why only show one of his legs? The suspect one, the one missing in the photo where he is disguised in the other room, is off-image.
Here is a shot of the feet, for reference:
This, too, is fake: there are no injuries which would justify the placement of such feet in such splints.
Screenshots from the AP interview

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