Friday, March 22, 2013

BP Gulf Oilspill Disaster was never an accident but a murderous plot

Okay guys. We promised you more documented evidence that BPGOD was a premeditated murder plot disguised as an accident. 

Here's another one; more incriminating since the doc first came from a BP infiltrator as a planted disinfo.

They had intended this to be the "proof of another rig accident / sunken in or around 23 March". Either they did not read the doc carefully or they thought we couldn't read. Took us some time to check the authenticity of the doc as all searches on the BOEMRE database did not list this particular one. How did a lay person with no previous industry working knowledge, know how to get to this "unlisted and unsearchable" document? But we could still download the pdf file from the BOEMRE website. As a check, we downloaded a few others with equally interesting facts too.

But we found the approval by MMS with the area of survey "MC252" blanked out. Amazingly the date of commencement and completion was 21 Apr and 21 Sept 2010 respectively. How close can you get? It was just 2 hours after the well blowout and just 2 days after the well was declared dead, sealed and delivered on 19 Sept 2010.

Anymore doubts 9/11 and BPGOD are both inside jobs linked to the same Evil OMAR? Better wake up fast before America sinks deeper into the abyss. BP is a global giant with "nasty strings" throughout the whole industry. That is why we call them OMAR; short for Oil Mafia Agenda21 Running-dogs for the banksters, financiers, cabal etc. It is our collective responsibility to wake the sleeping world, if we are to prevent the next Killing Oil Spill (KOS).

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