Monday, April 11, 2011

three wells

There are definitely 2 well heads see this article

there are other evidences but for the die-hard shills like Thad Daly and Merita,  the pictures shown were chosen with the rov looking at the same orientation. Notice the color bands used to identify the wellheads. Beats me why None of the investigators and Congress Oversight committee ever put a question to BP.  Feel free to circulate to show how the lies are propagated in the so-called technical / scientific circles.

The third well (well head destroyed)  -

shows the operation recovering the well casing. One comment said they were repairing a pipeline ......give me a break.

On 11_Apr11 10:02 A reader wrote:
Looking at old BP videos: One other thought.

In looking at all the old BP videos I downloaded back then. It seems... The Wells Shown were all Different Well Heads. Which was proof of More then ONE WELL.

I will go through the Videos again and do a screen shot and show you that when they are talking about the Casing on the Well they show one Well Head then on another WELL they show a totally different Well Head.

This is why one well has has thick Black OIL gushing out and another has Fish swimming around the well head like seen on the CNN footage.

MY dad used to beat the shit out of us kids for lying. WE LEARNED NOT TO LIE. This is why I hate the Wars and such. 1000's die for others lies.
Yet American's would rather cover the lies and war crimes then face the truth then see America with a black eye. But when it comes to another country... They want the Sucker to HANG for his war crimes... Make Sense?


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