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ZEAD great circles connecting USS San Francisco fake crash location to 2004 Tsunami, MH370 & other mega disasters.

editor's note. update 21 Dec 2016:

We received these amazing series of ZEAD (Zionist Evil Axes of Disasters) lines that seem to connect the major disaster locations, WNC (Weaponised Natural Calamities) to M2HAF (Made-2-Happen-Accidents-False flags) like the 20041226 Asian Tsunami to the falsified USS San Francisco nuclear submarine mishap and the more recent MAS MH370-MH17 and AirAsia QZ8501 airline crashes. Even the pretentious MH370 search locations fall into place.  

The ZEAD compilation Updates

Editor: Repost on the 11th anniversary of the 2004 Tsunami. USS San Francisco was involved in the black ops 2004 Tsunami, offshore Sumatra (by BK Lim 2011). Worth reading to unravel the truth of other ZM2H disasters like the Malaysian MH370 and the Australian Montara Oil Spill disasters.

BK Lim's findings were made prior to the compilation of the ZEAD great circles in 2014. More to come from several analyses made by several other writers. This serves as a preliminary introduction.

Look at the ZEAD (great circles) lines connecting all these disasters. While it is understandable for significant cities like Singapore (5), Kobe (2) and Beijing (1) to be apexes  of the Asian Pentagram of Destruction  (APD), the remaining 3 apex location were unknown and remote until after the mega quake-disasters had struck.

Apex 6 was the location of the great 2008 Sichuan quake (and many smaller quakes).

Apex 4 was the location of the M6.5 quake at 1010z on the eve of the 51st anniversary (2014) of JFK Assassination in 1963. It is significant to note that another quake (M5.9) occurred at Apex 6 at on the anniversary day at 08:55z (UTC=0). This was followed by another quake (M6.2) 4 hours later at Apex 2, the locations of the 1995 Great Kobe quake (M6.8) and the 311 quake (M9.1) of 2011 which caused the Fukushima Nuclear tragedy.

Forming perfect equilateral triangles, Apex 3 boasts of no fame or fortune except that it was the location of the infamous (false) "crash grounding of the nuclear submarine USS San Francisco". Looking at the false (fabricated / invented) crash, search areas or sighted MH370 debris, it is very clear the grounding location of the USS San Francisco had been fabricated as well.

Coincidence is often the only alibi to explain the perfect timing or alignment of events and places in an otherwise "impossible to explain" circumstances in a scheming plot.

Bush-Era Admin lied about the USS San Francisco accident to distance its covert involvement with the 26 Dec 2004 9.3 quake offshore Sumatra.
written by BK Lim 20 Sept 2011 (reposted without any edition).

Article Photo

Article Photo

According to official reports, the USS San Francisco was involved in a high speed collision with an unexpected undersea terrain in the Caroline ridge area, 350 miles SE of her Guam base on 8 Jan 2005”.

How could the world's most advanced and sophisticated navy commit such a terribly naive mistake of crashing into an uncharted sea mount? What was even more incredible is the fact that the multi-billion nuclear submarine was equipped with the state-of-the-art navigation, positioning and sonar detection systems, manned by an experienced crew and commanded by Cmdr. Kevin Mooney, a naval captain with 19 years of exemplary service. A rookie crew first time at sea and a commander out of the comedy movie “police academy” perhaps. But a submarine which had successfully completed all its previous missions with flying colours? They must really be scrapping the bottom of the barrel to come up with stories like that.
We see that from NOAA, MMS, Coast Guards and BP's top management in BP's Mega Oil spill disaster and in 911, Pentagon, Bush-Dick Administration and the CIA. Different actors, different stage plays but same agenda, same tactics and same skullduggery.
Granted that the navy would fabricate lies to cover their criminal acts and ill-intentions, all under the pretext of national security, but why would highly qualified naval experts deviously provide technical data and analyses to support an unsupportable lie. Of all people, they should know that such a fictitious accident could never happen. Because they could get away with such lies and crime of mass destruction, the Gulf Mega Oil spill was repeated 6 years later. 911 was similarly an insider job, by the same group of Neocon Nazis who had been commanding the US administration for the last 30 years.
With each successful disaster (fatal to the rest of the world), they get bolder and bolder. It is thus not surprising insurance claims for environmental disasters in the first half of 2011 had already exceeded the claims for the whole year of 2010. Where is the moral decency of honesty and integrity? Why do Americans and the rest of the world allow themselves to be duped so badly?
Some comments that do not jive with commonsense.
A vessel's commander is typically held responsible for mishaps of this nature, but officials had suggested that Mooney might escape blame if the investigation found that the mountain was not on the charts and the skipper had exercised sound judgment.
"Although the grounding incident compelled me to punish (him) and remove him from command, in my opinion it does not negate 19 years of exemplary service," the admiral wrote. "Prior to the grounding incident, USS San Francisco demonstrated a trend of continuing improvement and compiled an impressive record of achievement under (Mooney's) leadership. Moreover, the crew's post-grounding response under his direct leadership was commendable and enabled (the sub's) recovery and safe return to port."
The San Francisco had finished all the post-refueling sea trials and conducted its first two-month deployment last year, arriving back in Guam Dec. 1, 2004. On Friday, Jan. 7, it set sail for Brisbane, Australia, for a port visit. The sailors were probably excited — Australians still recall that the U.S. submarine force kept the Japanese at bay in the Pacific during World War II and generally treat American submariners well.
Could the “grounding and high speed head-on collision” involving the USS San Francisco be another stage play like the 2Aug 1964 Gulf of Tonkin (USS Maddox Incident) incident which gave President Lyndon Johnson the excuse to escalate the Vietnam war; to bomb Vietnam back to the “stone ages”? Forty years after the Nam War, many will agree it was another senseless war with sinister selfish agenda. A war which the majority of Americans rejected. A war in which many fighting American soldiers frequently asked; “what the hell are we fighting for?” A war which killed more than 58,000 American soldiers and plunged a prosperous United State into the inevitable path of economic decline and collapse. Was it worth it?

Forty years later, a once great and respected nation, is in an economic quagmire of its own doing. The enemy from within especially at the seats of power, is definitely more potent than any outside enemy. Were the financial turmoils and economic upheavals due to a Few BAD Men with their propensity to lie their way to the top of the Pyramid of Power and to suppress truth at all costs? Hitler also wanted to rule the world through deceit and falsehood. This is one more missing dot to the real conspiracy of depopulating the world and controlling freedom by a Few BAD Men; who all appear to be “honourable, respectable and benovalent” (only) in public. And we often wondered why the world was in such a mess?
 Tsunami by Quake? Bomb? Comet? EM?
 The following is a compilation of information that may or may not be directly related to Dec. 26, 2004 Quake. If the9.0 quake was man-made, it was the biggest war crime in our history and needs to be looked at thoroughly. I would like to assume it was a natural diseaster and that our government nor any other government had a hand in it. After the 911 attack most americans believed the government when they said it was Bin Laden terrorists that organized and implimented the attack. Now, over 50 percent of US people believe there was some kind of conspiracy or cover-up by our government, according to a recent poll. So lets take a look at this with a open mind and try to determine if it was a natural diseaster or a war crime by man.
Topic started on 12-1-2005 @ 09:12 PM by Ycon
Did they underestimate the scale of destruction from an “untested” tsunami bomb? Did the USS San Francisco really run aground 350 miles south-east of Guam on 8 Jan 2005, 2 weeks after the 26 Dec quake or was the damage sustained much earlier, like on the same day of the quake?
Were the shoals in the Caroline ridge chosen because they were the only shallow zone in the wide deep Pacific ocean to fit the unexpected event? The “official story” never really explained how a sophisticated multi-billion submarine with the state-of-the-art navigation and positioning system could have strayed so many miles off-course from their intended leisure port call to Brisbane. From years of experience in investigating make-up stories to cover fraudulent activities, the tall story of the “grounding and head on collision that never was” has to take the cake. The typical technical inconsistencies and discrepancies of an “after-thought” fabrication to fit the events are all evident.
Making more lies to cover the initial lies will only lead to the exponential growth of lies before it all become unmanageable and the whole fraud collapses.
The “holes” will definitely show, sooner or later. Hence the necessity to eliminate those who would not keep quiet. Those who subserviently toe the line; were rewarded, promoted and decorated. In an evil empire, true heroes die and are discredited. False heroes lie and rise. History is full of such examples; Nazis Gestapo, Russian KGB and American CIA all used similar tactics.
There is much more but I will let professionals with conscience around the world, expose the rest. Being a newly awakened human being (20 April 2008 to be precise), the 26 Dec 2004 Sumatra Quake-Tsunami was outside my conscience radar screen. Like billions I was led to believe it was a natural disaster or at the most an accidental nuclear explosion. Definitely, not a disaster-by-design like the BP's Mega Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.
Without the coordinated efforts and assistance of those who had worked hard in the background since 911, the falsehood of this fabricated story, would never see the light of day. Hopefully, this will inspire others to come forward to expose other frauds. Mega disasters cannot paradoxically coalesce from a well-timed sequence of coincidental accidents. Each accident leads to a small disaster of its own. Many accidents lead to many disasters. They do not climax into a mega disaster; only a well-timed sequence of preplanned “accidents” can.
When the “Tsunami-quake-caused-by-atomic-warhead-scientists-say” story first landed on my desk after the 5.8mag 23Aug 2011 shallow quake in Virginia, the article (last updated on 12/09/2008) was already 3 years old. No doubt speculations that the 11 March 2011 Fukushima quake-tsunami was triggered by design, also rekindled interests in the 2004 quake and the suspected involvement of the USS San Francisco nuclear submarine. The official bogus story was never really accepted by independent scientists but in the face of well-funded concerted cyber-media Blitzkrieg attacks by the bought international bodies and main stream media, legitimate dissenting voices, no matter how scientific or logical, were immediately drowned out.
Is it any surprise hundreds of uncompromising independent scientists and professionals with conscience had been taken out in the last decade? Just as the German people could not have been so hopelessly duped without the relentless hypnotizing propaganda of the Nazis, our world could not have been held ransom by the atrocious Neocon-Nazis Power (NNP) behind the “popularly-elected” US presidents for so long without the full support of the bought MSM, professionals and academia.
To prove that trolls were still on the prowl on this USS San Francisco story (7 years after the incident), the story was seeded on my newsvine column on 28 Aug 2011. Before exposing the truth, why not test out the trolls? Would the trolls come out to play? The said article was seeded on facebook as well by 3 bloggers including me. Will the “drones” attack all 3 bloggers or just me? Would they risk kicking up the dust on a storm that had quietened down? They would if they were 100% confident the lids on the “Pandora box” had been sealed so tight, the scums would not spill. But like all cover-ups, they forgot  the corrosive effect of “toxic lies”. There is no such thing as a water-tight cover-up. The truth leaks out sooner or later.
For the trolls who got it wrong, they would be meeting their angry paymasters shortly. Instead of stemming out the truth they had just rekindled a dead story back to life. By 12 Sept 2011, the seeded article in my newsvine column received 71 comments but a mere 11 votes in 2 weeks; an indication of the troll to followers ratio. We counted 9 trolls (or troll identities; with trolls you never know) altogether, who contributed the aggressive denials and fallacious arguments to the few discrepancies raised. They had thought it was a lapse of judgment to seed the article. They seized on the opportunity to trash, ridicule and destroy my credibility after failing on numerous past attempts. I had to refrain from answering for fear of spilling the beans. Perhaps later in another article. There are just too many important issues on my plate right now. My trusted circle of independent truth analysts, are warning me the next quake-tsunami mega disaster could be just around the corner targeting the world's largest creditor nations.
The same story seeded by Apprentice Novax Vinbeazel a few hours earlier in the Facebook, attracted no troll attack with less than 5 readers' comments. The same story seeded on 11 Sept on MKollmann's newsvine column similarly attracted no troll attack and no interest at all. It is thus clear they would not waste precious cyber-attack resources on unknown blogs but would spare no effort to discredit any gulf-truth activists who had consistently and persistently exposed BP's frauds and lies. As the USS San Francisco fraudulent story had long being buried and forgotten, it also means that BP was still edgy over the Mega Oil Spill disaster and unsure the “fire of truth” has been completely stemmed out. See BP's latest effort to hootwink the masses with a scientific NOAA survey
Their “long knives” were drawn less than 2 days on this “golden opportunity” to cyber-assassinate me after their numerous assassination attempts had failed in early 2011. A future article will detail out the loss of innocent lives in mistaken toxic poisoning, killing and shooting so coincidentally at locations where I had been. Amazing is it not?
The said article was seeded without the technical exposure, analysis and evidence first. We wanted them to eat their own words and lies. Well, the independent truth-seekers can also play their little game. No doubt, this article will attract condemnation, abuses, ridicule and aggressive denials by the trolls. It will just prove what many genuine truth bloggers had already suspected and experienced. The internet and world wide web were originally created with the hidden agenda of broadcasting to billions, the distorted truths and fallacious official stories to serve their masters' agenda decades before unleashing a series of disasters-by-design after the turn of the century. There must have been earlier disasters-by-design but it is outside the scope of present article.
Mother Nature and Truth have a way of fighting back. This incredible unearthing of this deceitful collision of the USS San Francisco on 8 Jan 2005” and the subsequent “kangaroo” investigation is one example. Sorry no pun intended but it is a fact that John Howard, the then PM of Australia had to know; to help cover up the biggest crime of mass-destruction of the century. 911 and 311 (Japan 9.0 quake on 11 March 2011) pale in comparison to the destruction of the 2004 mega quake-tsunami.
Many in the naval forces and marine industry had to know. Willful Silence is the name of the game. “See no Evil, Speak no Evil, and Hear no Evil” was the sound advice told to me countless times in my 30 years career. “Do not look for troubles lest troubles trouble you?”.. ..a favourite phrase from my school teacher. For generations we have all been taught to be subservient, to obey the laws and regulations and to pay the taxes. Yes we all did. But what happens when the top echelon of society or the Power Pyramid break those rules; deceive the public and worst of all commit mass murders or mass destruction? Are we still bound by laws and rules to remain in ranks and keep silence?
Well, I broke ranks when I exposed the frauds onboard Fugro's survey vessels. For 2 years I was set up by my immediate boss and employer (recently promoted to Director in RPS group) to be killed for refusing to keep quiet and close my eyes to the scandalous improprieties committed by Fugro. Was a BP's style mega oil spill preplanned to explode weeks before the great financial and economic crash of 2008? How could they claim to be innocent parties to a “natural mega oil spill” like BP did with their Macondo wells in the Gulf of Mexico; if I was still alive with the incriminating evidence.
They had to kill me first. But the more they tried, the more they revealed their evil schemes. Just like the trolls who rekindled the fictitious submarine collision, they had unwittingly rekindled curiosities into my assassination attempts. Why were they so determined to kill a geohazards specialist who had just exposed the contractor's negligence? I was dutifully carrying out my responsibility as a Client Rep QC and looking after ENI's interests. I was proud to have caught Fugro (geohazards contractor) red-handed when so many others before me had not. Strangely instead of commending me for a job well done; saving ENI from a potentially risky well and a disastrous blowout ENI kept silence. Never mind I have had more than my share of commendations. Instead I found myself a victim of assassination with my employer setting up the ambushes with false work assignments and pretext of looking after my welfare.
They had to take me out. My known residences were surrounded. The hired thugs kept 24/7 surveillance for more than 6 months keeping my whole family prisoners at our own home. In the end, I had to hire armed escorts (members of the special forces) to smuggle me out to freedom. But I had a bigger surprise. With all the photo and documented evidences, none of the governments I lodged complaints to, took any interest or action against the Oil Mafia. They remain silent. If I had lodged false complaints, they would have arrested me. So these reports must contain the truth, truths they cannot deny. Very eerily similar to the USS San Francisco fake collision on 8 Jan 2005.
As I wondered and reasoned that there had to be something more than a simple expose of Fugro's frauds, the answers came when BP's Macondo wells exploded. Did BP forgo the mandatory geohazards site survey for the Macondo wells because of ENI's experience with me in the Straits of Malacca exactly 2 years before BP's staged disaster? Like ENI, BP had planned their Macondo oil disaster for several years. They could not afford to have some independent geohazards specialists spoiled their plans. BP was fearful of outside interference in their carefully orchestrated stage play and NOT BECAUSE they could not afford to pay for a mandatory site survey. So how did BP get insurance coverage for their drilling risk? How did BP get permission from MMS to drill if the geohazards site survey for the Macondo wells was never conducted?
The planned gas blowout and oil spill disaster at the Straits of Malacca would be even more disastrous (economically) than the Gulf disaster. Looking at figure 164-0, the oil prices were much higher then. Bought analysts were predicting oil prices as high as USD 250 /barrel by the end of that year. Because the Straits of Malacca Oil spill disaster (2008 SOMOS) of mid August did not happen as planned and media hype alone without a real disaster could not keep the artificial oil prices high above actual demand, oil prices started to slide from their highs of >140 USD/ barrel in mid August. No wonder they had to kill me in early August to prevent the market crash on 16 Sept. Was it a coincidence ENI held back the proposed drilling of the well in mid 2008?
Instead of windfalls, the perpetrators of the 2008 SOMOS suffered huge loses. Imagine how much the oil mafia would have made if the oil price had shot from 140 to >200 USD/barrel after the planned disaster? Instead they were left holding hefty losses when the price collapsed from 140 to 30 USD/barrel (a completely reversed trend).
There was no question my expose of gross negligence and incompetence in Fugro's geohazards report upset their scam disaster plan. Fugro's geohazards assessment had already approved the proposed well location for safe drilling in mid 2008 before I intercepted on a chanced QC request for the report. Reminiscent of BP's Macondo Exploration drilling permit application, the high risk drilling hazards were completely omitted. The oil mafia could not risk being exposed for masterminding such a mega environmental disaster, not while I was still alive with the incriminating evidence.
A mega oil spill disaster in one of the world's busiest trade route (Malacca Straits) would have disrupted world trade and shot an already high oil price sky high. Imagine the oil slick covering the Straits of Malacca and flooding into Singapore, the world's busiest port. Crude oil price was at its peak of 144 USD/barrel on 8 July 2008. It dropped to a low of 39 USD/ barrel on 23 Dec 2008, a drop of more than 100 USD in less than 6 months. Read my coming posting; “BP's style gas blowout & mega oil spill disaster preplanned for mid 2008 offshore Sumatra, in the Straits of Malacca?”

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