Wednesday, January 30, 2013

America's Titanic Plot 100 years ago

If Sandy Hook, 911 and Aurora shootings had all been planned and orchestrated by the same evil forces, then it stands to reason that the Titanic was deliberately set on a "suicide collision" course into the dangerous ice bergs zone to pave the way for the Federal Reserve system a year later.

America is suffering today for that "Titanic Plot" 100 years ago. The wave of disasters including BPGOD that hit America since the start of the century has all been orchestrated. But the Symphony of Disasters can easily be disrupted by the people, if only the people refuse to play to their tune. That choice is yours and only yours to make. Don't repeat that Titanic mistake made in 1913.

But the luxury liner, which went down April 14, 1912 after striking an iceberg, sits in international waters, limiting what the U.S. government can do. 
Mr Delgado said an international treaty would need to be negotiated between Britain, Canada, France and the U.S.
At 11.40pm last night - the time the ship hit the iceberg - passengers gathered on the decks of MS Balmoral, which has been retracing the route of the doomed voyage. 
About 50 of the 1,309 passengers on board Balmoral have a direct family connection to the 
The Balmoral left Southampton last Sunday for a 12-night cruise to commemorate the centenary of the sinking of the liner that hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage.
Jane Allen, from Devon, whose great-uncle perished on the Titanic, said the moment vividly reminded her of the horror of the disaster.

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