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Metastasis of the Gulf of Mexico. Part 13-1

(continued; previously: part 12-2; part 1)~ translation by Microsoft.


Пляж Алабамы, 25 июня 2010-го. Фото Tyrone Turner.
The changes and mutations that occur in the food chain of the Gulf, the water which flows the Gulf stream for several months to reach the shores of Canada and Europe are increasingly otčëtlivost′û. The concluding part of the digest and summarize the opening and "zakručivaûŝuûsâ" a large-scale picture of the final phase of the project "big oil."

What are the real magnitude of this man-made disaster and its consequences? What changes are happening in the ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico? In what direction is changing the climate of the North American continent and the planet 2 years later after the accident? The fate of the Earth's biosphere and mankind have behind-the-scenes puppeteers, which continued to cover the Western and Russian MEDIA "? Who, how and why it has a global operation with bacterio-èkocidu gennobiohimičeskim bias? The area of the underwater mud volcano and the deep geological faults BP drilled THREE wells, but said only about one? How fossil hydrocarbons influence on global governance, and what changes are expected in the case of a transition to the world of renewable energy? As is the case with nefterazlivami and koreksitom in our country? What is the plan, part of which is the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico? If you do not want to spoil yourself for a blissful mood, don't read this stuff and do not look at the figures in it documents, photos and videos. But look, don't be silent. Otherwise silent lie about it never ceases.

Three stages of acceptance of scientific truth: the first is "this is absurd"
the second is that something is "the third" is well known.
Ernest Rutherford (AEB, p. 491)
Waking up in the morning, I was torn between a desire to improve
This world and a desire to enjoy this world.
This is a very difficult lesson planning on the day.
Elwyn Brooks white (Elwyn Brooks White, 1899-1985)
Modern adaption:
Waking up in the morning, I was torn between the desire to
enjoy the peace and the desire to break up
the system structure, which this world shatters.
This is a very difficult lesson planning on the day.
Corey Moningstar (Cory Morningstar)

Results of operations involving the concealment of information: mutations, disease, and population change
"This is something ...
To date, the overall picture of the processes occurring at the base of the Gulf stream, is quite clearly. A purposeful global bioterrorističeskaâ operation cover which provides government and secret services of all States, as well as the vast majority of the world's media and the so-called scientific community. However, everything in this review, it becomes known, thanks to the efforts and civil courage of individuals and small groups of doctors, scientists, environmentalists and various functional specialists. Everyone makes their choice, and they would prefer their security and welfare coverage and public education the North American continent and of the world in respect of existing risks and threats.
Numerous pieces of evidence, data and evidence on this subject received from insiders and from public sources, analysed by experts and keep coming to such Web resources like http://www.tuberose.com/GulfOilSpillTragedy.html, http://bklim.newsvine.com/, http://blueplague.org/ and several others. Chain and a chronology of events leading up to the disaster, despite the enormous difficulties, was thoroughly restored in May this year. It is now known that the bioterakt in the Gulf was planned long before April 2010 year. But in recent months, the article appeared in scientific journals, confirming the findings of microbiologists indeed occurring by Michael Edward back in the year 2010. Today on the topic of disaster and related effects me around 9000 files (text documents, scientific publications, articles and e-mails; photographs, videos, films and broadcasts). The array of data continues to grow. [1] and there are no doubts: large-scale and extremely dangerous for the whole of the biosphere process gains momentum (although it remains outside the attention of society and its ruling elites).

The extent of the phenomenon is suchthat it is no longer possible to hide, and through the large-circulation MEDIA "such as"Fox News","DailyMail","Herald Tribune","USA Today, ""The Nation","Gazette"and"The Week"in April-May this year began to break through anxiety and sometimes hysterical " bells "on vymiraûŝej, the patient and mutiruûŝej fish and shrimp, and even on ill people. [2] even the magazine "Forbes" has not remained aloof and unflatteringly called on BP, noticing that, when his share in 135 billion. dollars, BP America can't get a decent number of "lajkov" on his page on Facebook.

At the same time much more meaningful processes-large-scale "castling" in the food chain and the massive extinction of dolphins and other marine mammals are still diligently silenced (on the situation in July 2012, see link). 754 documented cases of disposal on land to the North of the Gulf of Mexico from February 2010 to July 2012. Thus, after almost 2 years of stage "absurd" and "this can't be" in March-April this year, the attitude in the Gulf began to shift in the direction "in that there is something».

Russian media about this for two consecutive years are underlined by a conspicuous silence, and to relevant materials don't react. [3] Article about lawsuits to BP or dead corals – not in score but sporadic exceptions only confirm the rule. In Runet, I caught my eye just a 3-minute report on the second anniversary of the disaster, plus a 10-minute story "the blue plague the Gulf", [4] with the participation of the doctor of biological sciences P. Garâeva ("military secret", may 2012). [5] there were also publishing the doctor of geological and mineralogical Sciences P. Polevanova (communication of the Gulf stream to the climatic changes). And since April of this year (see the OTM. 35: 15) to the complex issues related to the Gulf in their statements several times asked the famous Russian historian and publicist A. Fursov. That's all the coverage of the biggest environmental disaster of global significance for one and a half years.
The protest, which caused the ecologists of Greenpeace including British Petroleum – the culprit catastrophe – a sponsor of the London Olympics, our media is not shared. For sponsorship and PR-actions of BP, this "very dirty", representatives of the world's "Save the Arcticwas reads:" Through the funding of such activities as Cultural Olympiad London Festival-2012, World Festival of Shakespeare and the Olympic Games will be able to continue their heat VR, though all more lucrative operations. However, the topic of disaster in the Gulf so far is a taboo even in the camp of opponents of Britain and the United States.  
Strange, isn't it?
However, in subsequent parts of the review will provide information on all major destinations, and the information can be verified by following the hyperlinks, or entering into correspondence with the authors, scholars and professionals.
What is happening in the world (in the sense of Western scholars and insiders) can be formulated as follows. The global scenario of destabilizing/haotizacii "consistently enforced. More and more vast territories are turned into zones of civil strife and fighting, or "natural" disasters; covered by droughts and floods. Change the usual climatic stencils and comfort living conditions. Approaches problems with shortages of food and drinking water. Bandit "Mayhem", the arbitrariness of the NATO countries, Las and Israel and their secret services in the region of the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf, is now ready to become a regional and then shambles world (followed by energy and a deep economic crises) ... Yes, and from the upcoming Olympic holiday with rockets on the roofs ", this" show at the arena behind barbed wire "are quite justified the attacks, which will certainly be used as a pretext to start a war with Iran and Syria (explosion in a bus with Israeli tourists in Bulgaria this guess confirmed).
Testing the climate-control systems, about which so many reported a curious Dutchsinse, apparently completed; "coming events" launches. Researchers predicted a series of catastrophesthat will lead to the conclusion of the games, "China (Bohai Gulf tsunami and on the shelf plus powerful tremors on the Mainland). Earthquake in the Black Sea and around naval bases of Russia in order to incapacitate their potential. "Natural" catastrophe in the North Sea, which trigger the gas attack on the British Isles. Hurricanes and tsunamis on the Gulf Coast, and powerful seismic events along the new Madrid fault ... And the higher population density and significance of the region, the more likely scale "epidemics", "natural" strikes, "man-made" disaster and the scenario of destabilization. Land ceases to be a paradise, so consider Western "pessimists".

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